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best celebrity love letters of all time

We love a good love note around here! Feeling inspired, we pulled together some of our favourite love letters. In the age of texts, a handwritten note is such a beautiful way to surprise someone you cherish and let them know they are loved.

 1. Johnny Cash to June Carter

Via pinterest.com 

2. Elizabeth Taylor to Richard Burton 

Via rumorfix.com  

3. Jimi Hendrix to unknown (his "little girl")

Via express.co.uk

4. Gerald Ford to Betty Ford 

Via geraldrfoundation.org

5. George Carlin to Sally Wade

Via lettersofnote.com

6. Humphrey Bogart to Lauren Bacall

Via pinterest.com

7. Jerry Garcia to unknown lover

Via dailymail.co.uk

We hope these inspire you to send a love note to someone this week!

Till next Monday,